The origins of the winery date back to 1916, when Juan Gil Giménez, great-grandfather of the current generation, decided to enter the world of wine by building a small winery that was then in the center of Jumilla. It was his son Juan Gil Guerrero who devoted his entire life to this sector, but what really consolidated the winery was Juan Gil González, who, together with his brother Paco, grandsons of the founder, forged a picture of quality, efficiency and seriousness from which De current generation is struggling to retain and improve as much as possible. These values, together with respect for our traditions, are elements that should not be omitted under any circumstances. It is in memory of these men that the most emblematic brand, in this new phase of the winery, is that of "Juan Gil".

Currently, the components of the Gil Vera family, great-grandson's sons, decide to adapt to market trends, to build a new winery on the family-owned farm in the Jumilla municipality, ten kilometers north - west of the town, in the area called "Termino de arriba", (known as the highest elevation of Jumilla) and more specifically in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAragona, age-old wine village and that of Higher quality of its fruits. This strategic position gives the winery technicians the best control over the vineyards, because it is close by, it is much more affordable to carry out extensive monitoring,
Today, all the components of the family are committed to achieving the best quality of their grapes and wines, and always with the utmost respect for the environment; commitment that extends to all employees of Juan Gil vineyards.

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